Zoo of Osnabrück, Taiga-Landscape LP 1-9

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  • Planning: 2009-2010
  • Processing: 2009-2011
  • Client: Zoo Assosiation Osnabrück
  • Area: 1,5 ha
  • Construction sum: 2,5 Mio EUR

Development of a 1,5 ha large part of the Zoo of Osnabrück into a Taiga Landscape with regarding to the criteria of natural landscape.

The central element of this landscape is the bear enclosure, which is planned for three brown bears. Other species like reindeers, musk oxen, lynxes, wolverines, minks and racoons, will be placed next to the bear enclosure.

The fascinating water-, rock- and forest landscape fulfils the animals requirements and creats an persuasive atmosphere of endless freedom and deserted width such as in northeuropean forests. For a better provision of this area a barrier-free tree trop-path is planned. This path provides an insight of the whole Taiga-Landscape to the visitors.