P20_Gestaltung Firmengelände (Zhuzhou, China)

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  • Planung: 2016 - 2017
  • Auftraggeber: Wasser Hannover GmbH
  • Partner: Zusammenarbeit mit: PFI

Apart from the buildings, the area dedicated to the landscape is about 4 hectares large and located in the north of the factory. Within this boundary, the other buildings should be placed facing south. A long east-west extension pathway links the different buildings with the surrounding space. The entrance gate crosses this main axis in the middle and leads to the factory. This angular geometry is soothed by the wavy form of the pond, the streams and the tall grass of the wet meadow.

The general orientations were discussed with a Fengshui Master. The pond in the Eastern part is the lowest point of the project. From there the topography is slightly rising towards the Western part and acts as a counterbalance to the lower pond.

The project for Zhuzhou factory aims to reveal the water collected from the roof tops and streets to create a unique open space. The design features will be contemporary, using both technical and natural elements to enhance the idea of an intelligent and modern Chinese factory.

The program combines working and recreational functions, with a cafeteria, a administration building and an apartment block. The open space will adapt to the architecture so as to enhance their symbolic role and provide comfort and peace for the employees.